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Flip-Flap Book

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This is a brilliant flip-flap book from the Ladybird Baby Touch series. A multi-sensory experience for babies, with touch-and-feels, shiny foil and flip-flap pages for mixing and matching high-contrast pictures. Simple words and phrases are repeated throughout to help develop language skills and encourage interaction between parent and baby as they explore the world together. Ladybird's Baby Touch series is the perfect way to introduce babies to books, and to the world around them. Encouraging interaction and play, these books are lots of fun for the very youngest babies, as well as toddlers.



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Технические данные

Издательство «Ladybird», 2014 г.

Серия «Baby Touch»

10 страниц

Формат: 260x260

Язык: Английский

ISBN: 9781409305156


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